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About Me:


Hello! My name is Jordan Ross I'm 21 years old (born 14/11/2001) and I am a student programmer focusing on making my own video games mostly in unity using C# programming. Besides that I also can find my way in HTML and C++ coding. 

Personally I love to make games and study in the game development. It's fun to grow into the world of developing and exploring this big world of coding, while using my creativity in my games. Because I love to play games and always wanted to be able to create my own game. To be on the other side of being a content creator and actually make something unique of my own.

Besides programming I also play games and practice dancing for about 15 years now. I would love to be able to combine those two together and make a awesome dancing game. I play different kind of game genres but my favourite and most played games are mostly Call of Duty like first person fast paste action games. 

In Short:

I'm very motivated professional and a good social speaker, I always try to stay optimistic and hard working. also, I am very devoted to the projects I start or am working on. mostly I always want to finish a project/game until the point you can at least show something playable or functional.

Experience with game engines!

I First started making small scratch games, from there I went to unity which is so far the main game-engine I worked with. Personally I like Unity very much because it was easy to pick up and start with, this is because Unity is very user friendly. After that I started working at where I mostly focused on Unity AR projects and after that I gainded some expierence in Roblox Studio which was very simular to Unity but it had it's own problems to overcome!

Future plans?

So far I didn't get anymore experience with new engines yet but I'm looking forward to start with Unreal engine, this way I have a wider view in the developers world. I also would like to maybe even make my own Game-Engine one day or programming langue who knows? 

Origin of RossTubes Games


How did it all start? Well personally I off-course love to play video games. I remember plugging in the classic Nintendo 64 This was the very first step I took into the world of gaming. After a while I got interested in making games, I first started with radiant by reading about it and trying to make my own custom map. Eventually around the age of 17, I got an interest in making video's on my own. Maybe someday my own gaming company.

So I started my YouTube channel called Ross-Tubes! I realized I would love to start making my own games instead of only playing other people's creations. This way I could create everything and fix things that didn't work or I didn't like I could chance that because it's my personal game. So that's why I started learning programing. Eventually this excitement let me to be a student software developer at Media college Amsterdam. Here is where I
 started learning coding, picking it all up for the first time!

Contact me!

You can find my contact information here.

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