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Hito's Puzzle

Schermopname (81).png


The goal of the game is to turn on all of the screens by connecting the tubes and rotating the corners of the screens. this will stop the distortion in the screens and turn the video's on. If all of the screens are turned on you win the game.

On the right you can see a short gif of the actual gameplay with the tutorial screen and the win screen. if you are interested 


Project name: Muze - Hito's Puzzle

Second year end product 2021.


Team Size: 8

Description: it's a simple puzzle game we made of Hito's art. We were inspired by the work of Hito's art style after visiting the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam. Our team took a look around the museum to choose an art work to get inspired by and make a game around the art of Hito.

The game is completely finished.

Hitos_Puzzle_Gameplay_4 (1).gif


As inspiration our team chose the art work you can see on the left called "This is the future (2019)" This artwork inspired us to make our game around the screens and poles just like the artwork.


Code Snippets

Timer script:

In our game you had to solve a puzzle under a timer I made the timer for the game and the end screen witch would follow up after the timer would hit zero.

Screenshot (17)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (211).png

Win screen + layout

Here is a simple script for the win and lose screen I also designed the layout for this later the artist covered it up nicely. Also following up on that I made another small script for the tutorial screen.

Screenshot (212).png
Screenshot (210).png
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