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Brick Breaker

Project name: Brick breaker
made in Okt/2022.


Screenshot (130)_edited.jpg

Team size: 1

Tools used: Unity, visual studio (2019)  C#, GitHub

Description: Brick Breaker is a classic game very easy to understand. The objective is to break all the bricks on the map using the player paddle to bounce the ball back and forth, without letting the ball get passed you otherwise you lose a life. Can you clear the map?

My contribution

I made this project all on my own using some tutorials and I am planning to expand the game more. For now this is how far I got, there are three playable levels each more challenging then the other, if you can beat all three levels without losing all of your lives you win.

This was also the first time I started working with sprites all on my own.

Screenshot (134)_edited.jpg

Code snippets

Screenshot (138)_edited.jpg

Player Paddle

This script is used to take control of the paddle at the bottom of the screen, with this paddle you can redirect the ball back to the bricks. The direction of the ball changes depending on the angle the ball hits the paddle, this way it's a little harder to finish the level but it gives the player more control once you know how to redirect the ball.

Moving Ball Script

Screenshot (139)_edited.jpg

Game Manager

This script is used to manage the game from the start. The game manager keeps track of the amount of lives the player has left, the score the player has earned during the game and which level the player is currently on. If the player broke all the bricks on the map then the game manager will progress the player to the next level

Screenshot (140)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (136)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (137)_edited.jpg

The Bricks

This script is used to control the Bricks in the game by changing the color of the sprites that cover the Bricks. This script gives the Bricks an value of point for every time it get's hit, also tells rather or not the Brick is breakable because there are some metal bricks that can't be broken. Then the health of the bricks is shown as different states, each state shows  a different color, this is an indicator as to how many hits are left to destroy the Brick. For each time the Brick get's hit the sprite changes to the next color on the list until there are no more states left and the brick disappears and you proceed to the next level, here the bricks get reloaded into the map.

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