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Microbit Racing

Project name: Input-Output
Made in second year 4th period 2021

Screenshot (208).png

Team size: 1
Tools used: Unity 2020.2.3, visual studio (2019) C# and Github.

This page is about my Microbit project. The point of the assignment was to make a game using a input/output system. I personally chose to use a microbit (v2 Go) set so it would fit my racing type of game. I wanted to make a racing game using the motion sensors inside of the microbit computer, this way I could make my own racing controller.

For the assignment I had to chose between multiple options of input/output devices like the Arduino, Leap motion controller or an self build hand tracking script combined with my pc's build in camera. out of all these other options I still chose to work with the microbit Go. because it was a perfect fit for the type of game I was making.

Screenshot (209).png

Here you can see a short gameplay gif that I made to show a player user test and see how people would interact with my microbit controller. So far it was a bit weird to control but once you got used to it. it became manageable. 

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