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Donkey Kong 1981

Project name: Donkey Kong 1981

Made in Nov/2022



team size: 1


Tools used: Unity, visual studio (2019)  C#, GitHub

Description: Donkey Kong 1981, is a classic arcade game almost everyone recognizes. I made it in unity just for fun to try out working with new small elements such as working in 2D and making pixel art.

My contribution

I made this project all on my own using some tutorials and I am planning to expand the game more. For now this is how far I got, there are two playable levels and so far they are pretty much the same but I am still planning to extend the game allot!

DK barrle.png


The game is basically the same as the original Donkey Kong but I am still implementing all the different animations for the game. this is personally very new for me to use sprites and animations that's where I wanted to focus on during this project. So here you can see one of the first sprites I made all on my own during this project! I made this in photoshop.

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