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Placing Snowman

Project name: Object Placing

Made in Feb/2023


team size: 1

Tools used: Unity, visual studio (2022)  C#, GitHub, AR Foundation

Description: I made a small test app for my iphone where I first started uploading AR projects to. This project was about scanning the room for flat area's and then placing objects on the area's with the right rotation implemented.

My contribution

I made this project all on my own using some tutorials online to get started into Unity AR, This was very fun to make. It is very different then the normal Unity games I make a whole new expierence using AR tools. All you could do in this test app was place snowmans around the room on the ceiling or on the wall. the code would make it so no matter where you place them they would be looking towards you. The project was more a stepping stone to something more complicated in the future. But this way i could get a feeling of the Unity systems while I also could discover the basics of AR Development.

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