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Floating Cube

Project name: Unity AR Test

Made in Feb/2023

team size: 1

Tools used: Unity, visual studio (2022)  C#, GitHub

Description: This was my first project about AR, I used my Iphone to test the project on. This was a very simple scene of just testing if i could transfer it to my Iphone. So the scene consist of only a cube that is anchored in his place.

My contribution

I made this project all on my own using some tutorials and documentation to get started in Unity AR mixed with Xcode to start making my first AR test app. I am planning to use this small project as a stepping stone to a more expierenced project in Unity AR development which you can also find on my webpage. This project learned me working with AR and Xcode to transfer the test scene's on my Iphone in a real world space.

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