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Mario (AI)

Screenshot (20)_edited.jpg

Project Name: Mario

Made in Second year 2021.
team size: 8



Our team tried to recreate the first level Bob-omb Battlefield, from Super Mario 64. The gameplay was to create the AI enemy's. The Goomba enemy was the one I was working on. I made the Goomba walk around following waypoints and I also made it possible for Mario to jump on the enemy Goomba's head to kill the enemy.

Screenshot (19)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (30)_edited.jpg


as inspiration our team chose the classic game Super Mario 64, for the Nintendo 64.. We chose this game to remake in this project because we all played it and remembered it as very fun! So why not recreate it. Personally I loved this project it gave me many memories of me playing as a kid while I was working on this project.

super mario 64.jpeg

Code snippets

Screenshot (26)_edited.jpg


This script is used to Identify the enemy and take damage from the enemy's. this script was made for Mario in the test scene to show if the Goomba attacked the player and could do damage. 


The platform script took me a little time to figure out but it uses a start and an endpoint using two empty Gameobjects, which you can place wherever you like. Then I gave the platform a float speed to give it the rate of speed to move and a bool to check if the platform is waiting between one of the two platforms. this way you can step on the platform and use it for traveling.

Screenshot (27)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (28)_edited.jpg

AI script

This script is used to move the AI Goomba around. The movement of the AI was made using NavMesh agent and waypoints to make the AI follow a path over and over again. by using layer masks I could show what was walkable and what isn't, this way the AI knows where to walk and can find his own path around obstacles. In the script the AI could also recognize Mario and attack him so Mario would take damage and eventually die.

Screenshot (22).png
Screenshot (23)_edited.jpg
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